Guidelines for the Effect Factor


Testing the training

Add training to the system. Collect opinions of participants and their managers. Receive collective results.


Indicators formation

We know how exciting the training results analysis can be. That is why we update them in real time so that you can observe how new surveys influence the indicators of your training. The Effect Factor always notifies you about the changes whenever they occur.



You do not have to wait until the testing is over. You can analize the indicators after each completed survey. We give you a number of data configuration and indicators comparison possibilities. The Effect Factor gives you a ready report when you are in a hurry, or complete freedom for analyses and interpretations, as desired.

Check the effectiveness
Stop wondering, whether the training in your company bring profits, check it!

Examine the reasons
The Effect Factor checks not only the training effectiveness but also its quality. Respective indicators will show you, where the problem is and will help you to fix it.

Use the objective assessment
Observe how the tested events indicators are shaping. Analize and interpret the results to improve the quality with each next training.

Invest in development
Pay only for valuable training and observe the development of your employees.

Do not waste your time
The Effect Factor guarantees precise and clearly described indicators. Instead of long hours of analyses simply download a report with training results and draw your conclusions.

Use the freedom the Effect Factor gives you