The Effect Factor system is a tool to assess the training effectiveness. By using it you can assess the training effectiveness on all four levels (attitude, knowledge, behavior, results) and compare events your employees attend. Based on universal indicators calculated by the system, you will learn which training sessions have the highest effectiveness, and which aspects still require improvement.

The Effect Factor users can be either small companies or corporations. The system is also addressed to coaches and training agencies. All you need to do is to choose the pricing plan package by clicking here to access the desired functionalities.

It is commonly believed that testing the training effectiveness and quality is problematic. Calculating the ROI index is costly, complicated and far from precise. Most often, the training influence on the organization results is not even assessed at all. Testing the effectiveness is based on the Kirkpatrick model which allows to analyze the training on four levels: attitude, knowledge, behavior, results. Using many years of experience in the training line of business, we have modified the model to test the training effectiveness even better and made it a key functionality of the Effect Factor system. Apart from testing the effectiveness, the Effect Factor also provides the training quality assessment as well as the recommendation indicator analysis. Testing the quality regards: topic, materials, coach competence and other training aspects. It allows to conclude, which of them reach the highest standards, and which ones require improvement.

Recommendation indicator was created with the use of the Net Promoted Score methodology and reflects how willing the participants are to recommend the training to their friends.

Thanks to testing the three mentioned aspects, the Effect Factor gives a wider perspective and allows to fully analyze and assess a training.

To use the Effect Factor system, please register by clicking here. Next, choose a pricing plan package that suits you best. You have 30 days free to test the system with no obligation. You can also decide from the beginning to use the paid version and gain access to the full range of functionalities.

After logging in to the Effect Factor system, you will access Help. You can find there guidelines on how to navigate around the system, what specific indicators mean, and how to analyze the training results.

The effectiveness, quality and recommendation indicators calculated by the Effect Factor system are universal. They can be applied to any type of events: open training, close training, e-learning, and even confrerence. Also, the topic choice has no influence on the possibility to test the training.

All you need is a computer with Internet access. There are no other special system requirements. Access is based on the web browser control and the system is compatible with all popular web browsers.

Free pricing package is active one month. Within this time you are allowed to test all the accessible system functionalities available in the top pricing plan. You can create and launch effectiveness tests and collect your primary results. Find out more by clicking here.

Signing a contract is not required. Registering in the Effect Factor system you accept the Terms of Use. You can use the system as long as you make payments for the following billing cycle.

Local analyses are training comparisons within your organization. Global analyses help you to compare the training results from your organization with external training results. Thanks to them you can track your ranking place in the domestic market and even the world market.

You can quit at any time with no further obligation and you won’t be billed or be forced to pay any penalties.

Pricing package can be changed at any moment. Upgrading the pricing package can give you a wider range of functionalities.