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We hate boring trainings, trainings that make no change in the participants’ lives or in the organizations they are part of. We are the enemies of so called knowledge trainings. We believe that the trainings make sense only when they cause such a change. We are convinced that the Effect Factor concept guarantees the effectiveness of the trainings meaning a real change in the participants’ lives, and the results for the organizations. Our dream is to popularize this concept. We describe the Effect Factor concept by sharing our opinions which often times come out of our own experience in designing, providing and assessing the effectiveness of the e-learning trainings we create within LLidero.com.


Marek (Mark) and Przemek (Prem) take care of designing effective e-learning trainings within the LLidero.com team. Marek can also be found on GoldenLine, and Przemek among others on LinkedIn.

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