What is the Effect Factor?

The Effect Factor is a modern tool for assessment of training effectiveness. It provides an in-depth observation of its process and effects. The test covers four levels: participants’ attitude, their knowledge, changes in behavior, and the results for the organization.



In the Effect Factor system not only the training participants assessment is important. Our methodology is also based on testing the opinions of the managers. This gives you the ability to view the training from two different perspectives.

The training effectiveness is presented in the form of universal indicators the way that enables you to compare the training in your company with others.



The Effect Factor allows to track shaping of the indicators in real time. Since the Effect Factor studies not only the participants’ impressions right after the training but most of all a long-term result, the effectiveness indicators are changing as the testing advances.

The Effect Factor system allows you to check what the participants liked the most and also what caused unexpectedly low results of a training.

The Effect Factor does the job for you in preparing complex analyses and comparison tables so that you can simply enjoy the results.

Manage your training budget efficiently. Observe the rankings to choose the best training for your employees. Track the results of your own training and increase their effectiveness.

Check the effectiveness

Stop wondering, whether the training in your company bring profits, check it!

Examine the reasons

The Effect Factor checks not only the training effectiveness but also its quality. Respective indicators will show you, where the problem is and will help you to fix it.

Use the objective assessment

Observe how the tested events indicators are shaping. Analize and interpret the results to improve the quality with each next training.

Invest in development

Pay only for valuable training and observe the development of your employees.

Do not waste your time

The Effect Factor guarantees precise and clearly described indicators. Instead of long hours of analyses simply download a report with training results and draw your conclusions.