Easily measure business results of training

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Training effectiveness

Verify the effectiveness of each training sessions.
Make sure if it brings the expected results to your organization.


Rankings and comparisons

Compare the effectiveness of various training sessions. Check which of the coaches is the most efficient and which training brings the most advantage.


Efficient management of the training costs

Choose the training which really are efficient and quit the ones that do not bring expected results.

Verify training effectiveness

Check the value indicators the Effect Factor will calculate specifically for you based on what the training participants and their employers think about the training results. Compare the effectiveness indicators with the average from other training and see what they were influenced by.

Assess training quality

Learn the opinions of participants to gain access to information about the training quality. Decide for yourself which coach is most suitable working with and which training company suits the participants best.

Analize the results

Find out which training sessions are really effective and which ones give the participants the best results.


Let the Effect Factor work for you

The Effect Factor will conduct the tests and prepare for you the results tables and effectiveness reports with detailed description of the indicators occurring within.

Work with the best

Analize data regarding various coaches and training companies. Compare their abilities and envolvement. Observe their influence on your employees and make decisions best suited for you.

Manage your budget

Verify the training results in your organization. Compare them and choose the most effective ones. Invest in the developement of your employees and observe the positive effects for your business.

Feel special

Having access to unique information gathered in the Effect Factor you can be up to date in receiving notifications about the results of each test and new comments of the training participants.

Share your success

Thanks to the effectiveness reports you can present the training effects to other people in your organiztion. From now on each training success can be improved.

Gain certainty of further actions

If something in the training went wrong, the Effect Factor will help you unerstand what should be done improve in the future.


How does it work?


Create an event

It will take you up to 5 minutes and the Effect Factor will guide you through a smooth process. Enter the basic training information data and the system will prepare and provide the statistics to the training participants and their managers.


Observe and analize

Each time when new results and new opinions of the training participants appear in the system, you will receive a notification. This will allow you to be up to date and observe how the training effectiveness and quality indicators are changing.


Create and download reports

The Effect Factor not only stores data. Its purpose is mainly to calculate prompt indicators of effectiveness, quality and recommendation. This gives you access to complete reports at any given time. You can download and share them with other people within your organization.